6 Fresh and Easy Easter Cocktails!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Easter 2020 is certainly going to be a little different for everyone around the world this year. With COVID-19 cases increasing daily and the Stay At Home order in full effect, there will be no big gatherings with loved ones this Easter. In our house, our Sunday finest will be replaced by sweat pants and PJs and prime rib dinner replaced by a microwavable meal (or whatever Grubhub will bring us).

However, I absolutely will still be enjoying a spring cocktail or two this weekend and so I have complied this list of some of my favorites.

*Disclaimer - You will not find any Peeps any where near my cocktails! That s**t is nasty!

1. Frozen Peach Bellini

The perfect compliment to Easter brunch and super easy to make. I like to add a touch of Peach Schnapps too for a little extra sumin sumin.

Get the full recipe at Delish

2. Strawberry Lemon Mimosa

Another sparkler perfect for a day drinking sesh. Light, fruity and a little sweet.

Get the full recipe at Julie Blanner

3. Cottontail Martini

This white fluffy cocktail tastes as sweet as it looks. The coconut rum and pineapple combo adds a tropical touch, perfect for sipping on a rainy Easter Sunday, dreaming of the day we can travel to far off lands once more.

Get the full recipe at Inspired By Charm

4. Carrot Ginger Margarita

This one is a fave for two reasons. Firstly, the carrot and ginger juice tastes so fresh and healthy I can almost convince my self this cocktail is good for me. Secondly, this drink packs a punch and so is perfect for taking the edge off Aunt Susan's constant questioning of when we are going to have a baby, which inevitably happens at every family gathering. This year there will be no gathering but the questioning will still come in the form of a Zoom call and we will be ready for it with this margy.

Get the full recipe at Spices In My DNA

5. Rosemary Greyhound

Gin and grapefruit are a match made in heaven. It really is a perfect combo of the botanicals in the gin, the tart grapefruit balanced by the sweetness of the fragrant rosemary simple. This cocktail is just heaven. It is one of my all time faves. If you are feeling fancy, add a splash of prosecco instead of the soda water. BOOM! Winner!

Get the full recipe at Craft Gin Club

6. Chocolate Martini

I was going to keep the list to my fave 5 but how could I not include a chocolate cocktail for Easter. This drink is so over indulgent, chocolaty, boozy deliciousness but Easter calories don't count right?

Get the full recipe at Small Town Woman

Happy Easter everyone!

These recipes are for over 21s only!

Please drink responsibly!

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